Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Time No Write!

I know it's been over a year since I've posted and I really regret this. Life just keeps getting in the way and your priorities keep changing. So well I have the chance I thought I would update a little.

I am STILL working on my house. I think I will be working on it until the day I die. Unexpected emergencies come up and I have to allocate the money for remodeling to the "emergency of the week".

I have not done much except more painting and tiling. Although, I am in the process of posting something to hgtv. They have a new site called hgtved and they are asking for entries for anyone who has ever wanted hgtv to come to their house and makeover something. Well, Hello!! Here I am!! Can you see me hgtv???....Papa, can you hear me???

So I've just finished writing my plea for why they should pick me. I'm digging out some pictures now to post on the site. I'm going for the pathetic factor.

So if anyone is still reading this, please look for my post and comment that hgtv should pick me. I'm asking them to come and makeover my pool area (remember my post abut the black hole that the county pulled a dead raccon out of? Yeah, that the one)

It would make me a really happy camper and give me more motivation to work on another area of the money pit.

Thank for your support!


p.s. If they pick me you can say I remember her when.........

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